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A new era begins with Grandyo Fandom

What is Grandyo Art?
Grandyo Art is our recently revamped portfolio section, again exclusively for players. We want to offer Grandyo members the most advanced way to showcase their artwork and game-related content. This content can be 2D, 3D, coding, cosplay, text, sound, and videos. 

Show off your skills and passion, connect with like-minded people, and look for employment opportunities.
Education is one of our unique services for people looking to deepen their skills or acquire new ones.

We are constantly adding new features to Grandyo Art. Get started now and become automatically our Premium member with access to perks and advantages.

WebGL game demos is one of the latest features. Go check out myGames. Members get 2 a minutes gameplay and non-members 60 seconds.
What is Grandyo?
Grandyo is a games only crowdsourcing portal. Indeed, it is the first demand-side competition platform for games to solicit user-generated content, assets, and ideas. We believe that by giving the game community a channel to offer insight, opinions, and content, games can achieve with their fans much more both online and offline. Only through conversation and  collaboration can the developer and the gamer work seamlessly together to optimize the gaming experience.

Join Grandyo today. Don't play for time, just get in the game!